5 Ways to Prepare for Back to School During a Pandemic

Here we are in the middle of summer, preparing to go back to school. Our return has been long anticipated as schools were rushed to take action earlier this year. Whether you’re well on your way to finishing your degree or have your own littles ones who have been taking their classes from your MacBook, the idea of getting back in the classroom can either be a relief or down right scary. Don’t fret, girl! We’ve got 5 ways to help you prepare for back to school during this pandemic!

1. Have a plan

As districts undergo the debate of returning to the classroom or continuing online, things can be so up in the air that it makes your head spin. The most important thing is to have a plan that your family all understands. With little ones, it’s important they know how to get themselves started if they continue to learn online. Returning in person? Our Two Layer Printed Face Masks are a fashionable and functional accessory to keep you safe as you transition back.

printed cloth mask

2. Pack snacks

With all the social distancing, it can be difficult to grab a bite in between classes. Instead of running across campus trying to find a semi empty spot at Starbucks, pack your own healthy snacks that will hold you over until you can get home. With options like Bento Boxes and Yeti tumblers, it’s easy to tote around the brain food you need to ace that midterm. Just don’t forget to sanitize before you sit down to eat.

 hand sanitizer spray

3. Get your school supplies online

If you’ve ever been back to school shopping, you know that it is CRAZY! Trying to work your way around families picking out their favorite brand of pens can cause more anxiety than a Florida hurricane in the fall. Skip the line at Target and order your supplies online this year. Amazon is always a great alternative to grab all the supplies on your list and for a great rate. If you’re looking for more unique stationary items, check out small businesses that sell stylish notebooks, planners, and more. Leaders in Heels has great planners for the young Boss Babe while Notebook Therapy offers more whimsical items like gel pens and patterned organizers. Pick up your supply list and place your order, babe!

4. Pick your outfits for the week

It’s stressful enough trying to get good grades let alone keep it up during a pandemic. With some schools being at home part time and the rest in person, you’ll want to keep your outfits simple and comfy. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style! Pair casual tops like our Go the Distance Hooded Top with a great pair of denim jeans for a quick combination that you can wear during your Zoom calls. For running around campus or dropping off the kids, try our Toss the Dice Jumpsuit and some slip-on sandals. Remember, by picking your outfits for the whole week, you’ll be able to stay ahead even if you decide to hit snooze a few times. ;)

Gray hooded top 

5. Don’t Stress

Okay, this is easier said than done, right? But it’s so important! We all know that the reason why things are so up in the air is because of COVID-19. But the truth is that stressing out actually has a negative effect on your immune system. Following these easy steps and taking it day by day will help to keep you sane and on top of your schoolwork. If you do find yourself stressing out, check out our “8 Best Self Care Ideas for When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed or Anxious”!

Remember, girl, times may be tough but so are you! Going back to school doesn’t have to be scary or stressful. Follow our 5 Steps to Prepare for Back to School and you’re sure to be a success!

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