The Do’s and Don’ts of a Productive Morning Routine

Even with 24 hours in a day, we never quite feel we have enough time. Many of us wake up feeling like we’re stuck in a continuous Monday morning loop. The truth is, when we lack a morning routine, it’s easy for the rest of the day to be complete chaos. We’re here for you, babe. Our Do’s and Don’ts of a Productive Morning Routine are sure to help you creative habits that positively impact your day.

The Do's

1. Wake Up On time

            When you’re trying to do all the things, it’s easy to stay up late with friends or scrolling through social media. Afterall, when you’re working hard, it’s important to take a break and have fun. The problem is, when it comes to getting up in the morning, we’re pressing snooze about 10 times. It’s like what they say, you snooze you lose, sister! Make sure you’re consistently waking up (and if possible, going to bed) at the same time each day. And instead of reaching for your phone, take just a few moments to express gratitude. You’ll be surprised how refreshed you feel and will be much more ready to start your day.


2. Make Your Bed

            One thing that you can do to immediately accomplish something as soon as you start your day is to make your bed. I know, we totally sound like our Moms but they were right. (It’s okay, we won’t tell them we said that!) Making your bed gets you prepared to start the day with a little less mess. Especially if you’re working from home, it’s one less thing for you to do and a cleaner area allows for a clear mind to work. Now, if you have a significant other who’s still asleep, we’ll totally give you a pass on this one. Just make it once they’re up too.


3. Fuel Your Body

            We’ve all heard the saying “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!”. Truthfully, we know that everyone’s diet is different. Some people fast in the morning, others like a light smoothie, and some of us are coffee aficionados. First and foremost, always give your body a head start with a full glass of water. This gets your systems going, not to mention your brain! Whatever way you choose to fuel your body, make sure you feed yourself what makes you feel good and ready to dominate the day.


4. Move Your Body

            One of the best ways to wake up is to move your body. Getting a good sweat first thing will help you feel stress free and overall healthier. Even if you’re not a cardio queen, doing things like stretching or yoga will make you feel good. Not sure where to start? Try out different kinds of workouts and see what you enjoy most. YouTube and Pinterest are great resources for free workout ideas that you can from home or at the gym. Give it a try and you’ll be surprised how good you feel.


5. Get Ready with Ease

            Fitting everything in your morning routine can seem like a daunting task. When you have to start work by a certain time, have little ones who need care, or have a long commute, it can seem nearly impossible to implement all these steps into your morning routine. We recommend taking it one step at a time and adding them in gradually. When it comes to getting dressed and ready for work, having quick and easy routines like 10-minute makeup and an easy to do hairstyle will leave you feeling fabulous and stress free.


6. Pump Yourself Up

            Let’s face it girl, we’re not all morning people. Getting up and ready to go in the morning can be less than blissful when we know we have a busy day ahead. Don’t let that get you down! Find ways to pump yourself up so you feel strong enough to tackle the day. Listen to your favorite podcast or audio book for something inspirational. If music is more your thing, put on your favorite tunes and dance around your kitchen as you prepare your morning coffee. And of course, you can always repeat self-affirmations or mantras to get you in a blissful state of mind. You do you, babe!


The Don’ts

1. Sit on Social Media in Bed

            Trust us, you’re not missing much, babe. Reaching for your phone and scrolling through Instagram and Facebook for 30 minutes when you first wake up not only wastes time, it can also mess with your mood. While we’d like to say that watching those cute little cat videos will positively impact your day, you’ll feel much better getting up and getting started. The time you took lying in bed can be much better spent being productive. Give yourself that 30 minutes back and use it to enjoy your cup of joe before you start working or adding a little extra glam to your look for the day. Honestly, it’s one habit you’ll be so happy you broke.


2. Prep Everything the Morning of

            Remember when we mentioned getting ready with ease? This is a must to keep your morning routine stress free! You never know when you’ll have a set back like oversleeping. So, preparing things like your lunch or outfit for the day will be a huge help. Not only does it let you grab and go, it also frees up your time when it matters most. Mornings can be unpredictable. With a little bit of prep work the night before or even at the beginning of the week, you’ll stay one step ahead.


3. Letting the Day Get Ahead of You

            The greatest part about having a morning routine is that it lets you get ahead and stay in control of your day. When you have a routine, you’re getting things accomplished before the rest of day has even begun. Girl, we can’t tell you enough how crazy it feels when you’ve snoozed your alarm until the last minute and then scramble to get to work on time. Take it from us, it’s so much more satisfying to get up and go through your routine. You’ll start each day feeling amazing!


Everyone’s schedule is different. Some of us start our days early and others a little later. We’re not asking you to wake up at 4 am each day. Managing your morning with a productive routine is truly a lifechanging habit that is practiced by some of the most successful people in the world. Try implementing these into your day and we’re positive that you’ll feel great!

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