How to Create a DIY Fall Photoshoot

With social distancing still in effect, many are looking for creative ways to keep traditions going. Fall photoshoots are popular for individuals and families to do each year. Unfortunately, due to many restrictions in place, you may find it difficult to take pictures at your favorite pumpkin patch. Why not try it on your own? With these simple tips, you’ll be able to create a DIY fall photoshoot that’s IG worthy!


Look for Inspiration

            Before going out to shoot, the first step is to find inspiration so you know what you’re going to do. Save pictures on Pinterest, look through magazine articles, or search fall related hashtags for ideas on what you’d like to do. Write them down in a list or if you’re feeling extra creative, make a mood board so you have all your inspo in a visual guide. Once you’ve got it all together, set the date and plan away!


Decide on Indoors or Outdoors

            The location of your shoot can make all the difference. If you’re a homebody with a cozy décor, opt for a sweet and simple indoor shoot. Know of a great park covered in leaves? Take your shoot outdoors and take advantage of what the season has to offer. If you do choose an outdoor shoot, be sure to pick a time of day or a spot that’s more secluded so you don’t get any passerby’s in the background.


Use Lighting to Your Advantage

            One of the main things that can make or break a good photo is the lighting. Even with editing, it’s best to start with solid lighting so you can get the best outcome. Once you’ve decided on location, you’ll need to figure out where to shoot specifically so you can take advantage of the light. Natural lighting is always a good option, even indoors. If you find yourself in need of more, you can always add in some artificial light to help keep your photos clear. Be sure to check your photos as you go so you know everything looks good!


Use a Stand

            With so many people vlogging, it’s easy to find an inexpensive stand to complete your DIY shoot. We recommend a tall stand with a sturdy bottom so you can take it indoors or outdoors. Of course, if you’re in a pinch, there are plenty of ways to prop up your phone or camera like a chair or pile of books. Many stands come with a remote that allows you to use your camera or phone from far away. If not, the timer option is a great alternative. And of course, a little help from our friends can make a huge difference too.


Stage the Scene

            If you’re going to go through the effort of doing a social media worthy photoshoot, you might as well go big! Now, you don’t have to go for a Hollywood style set up. B adding fun décor like pumpkins and candles can really elevate your pictures. And if you’re like us, your house is already decorated with all the fun stuff for the season. Use items you have on hand to stage the area you’ll be shooting. Once it’s all done, put them back around the house to keep the excitement going.


Plan Your Outfit

            Or should we say, outfits? Okay, okay, you may not be as crazy as us but if you’re going to do a shoot, why not show off like the fashionista you are? Afterall, we’re doing this for fun and to share with our families and friends (and Followers!). Pick out 2-3 outfits you can easily switch to while shooting. Make sure they fit the feel of the scene you’ve set and don’t be afraid to get creative! This shoot is all about you so wear what makes you feel confident in front of the camera.


Coordinate Your Hair and Makeup

            Similar to your outfit, your hair and makeup should fit the aesthetic of your shoot. If you’re going for something casual, keep your hair and make on the simple side. On the other hand, if you’re wanting something that’s a bit more glam, picks the styles to match. If you’re not quite sure, check out YouTube for fall hair and makeup tutorials. They’re great for inspiration and give you the step by step guide you need.


Use Presets for Easy Editing

            In most cases, you probably won’t need to edit your photos. But in the event that you want to add a little bit of touching up, using presets or filters is an easy way to edit your photos. Presets and filters are great for creating a uniform style to your photos like a bright and airy feel or a golden hue. And no need to use fancy editing software, you can edit your pics right on your phone and upload them to your social media instantly.


We hope you found these tips on creating a DIY fall photoshoot helpful! We’re so ready to find some inspo and get out to do our own shoots. Wearing something from our shop? Tag us on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our page! We’d love to see what cute things you’ve put together and inspire other fashionistas to do the same.

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