Easy Halloween Costumes with Items you Already Own

Raise your hand if you love Halloween as much as we do! It’s one of our favorites to celebrate and can be done big or small. With social distancing in place, you may find yourself celebrating from home with a small circle of friends and family. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get dressed up and have fun. Try our easy Halloween costumes with items you already have in your closet and you’ll be ready for any spooky celebration.



            Bodysuits have been an essential item in many of our closets for the past few years. It’s no surprise that it’s perfect for a last minute Halloween costume. For a DIY Lady Gaga, pair your body suit with boots and some gaudy accessories. Or style your bodysuit into an 80’s Cardio Queen with leggings and a headband. If you want to do a modern take, go for Kim Kardashian in Skim and pair your bodysuit with matching biker shorts. With bodysuits, there’s plenty of options to get creative.



            Many of us have at least one jumpsuit sitting in our closet. Why not use it for a 1970’s Cher costume with big earrings and strappy heels? If you’re looking for a couple’s outfit, you can always dress your significant other as Sonny. Your friends will be singing your praises in this easy to recognize pair. If you’re looking for something more generic, throw on a jumpsuit for an alien costume. Pair with big, round sunglasses and add some fun metallic makeup to complete your look.



            Okay, who doesn’t have jeans? Just like with everyday wear, these staples are easy to dress up or down. For a more relaxed costume, go for a scarecrow with a plaid shirt and boots. For a classic costume, pair a red handkerchief and denim shirt with your jeans and rock your best Rosie the Riveter. One of our personal favorites is Deb from Napoleon Dynamite. Try this fun, out of the box costume by adding a polo, fanny pack, and sleek side pony.



            One of the easiest costume ideas is to pair some leggings with a long-sleeved shirt and wide belt for a superhero. You can aim for something well known from DC or Marvel, or simply create something generic and random. Another costume that’s easily put together are the seven dwarves from Snow White. Add in a sweater with a chunky belt, boots, and a beanie for a comfy and cozy costume.


Crop Tops

            Transition your summer staple into your next DIY costume. Pick a bright colored crop top and add a long skirt and sandals for a mermaid costume. We recommend adding some shimmer with glitter makeup and body highlight to complete your look. Of course, you can never go wrong with Sandy from Grease. Pair your favorite black crop top with black leggings and big curls for the one that we want. The bonus? It’s another great idea for couples looking for a last-minute DIY costume.


Black Skirts

            October is the perfect season to bust out your favorite black skirt. Tap into your inner Daria by adding a green jacket and reading glasses for an angsty look. Speaking of pop culture, Britney is back and so is dressing up like her classic song, “Baby One More Time”. Bring this costume to life with a tied button up shirt gray cardigan, and some pig tails. Singing is not required but who can resist belting it out when you’re dressed like such an icon. Finally, for the ultimate classy look that never fails, pair your black skirt with a black tank top and pearls. You can never go wrong as Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s!


With so many things up in the air, we don’t blame you for wanting a smaller Halloween celebration this year. Whether you’re too busy to run out and get a new costume or you’re wanting to save some cash and keep it DIY, these costume ideas are an easy way to keep the festivities going. However you choose to celebrate this year, be safe and have fun!

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