A Turn of Seasons

As we near the end of summer it’s now or never on defining your personal style for the cooler months to come. What does that mean for us? Trend predictions and reflecting on how the runway will influence the Fall/Winter season in consumer fashion. Finding the best pieces to bring into your wardrobe can be daunting, especially with such a fast trend cycle this past year, but we’re hoping a little guidance will make things easier as we interpret the movements happening in couture, runway and designer fashion. 

Already we’re seeing a deviation from the usual earthy tones (think olive green, burgundy and rust) toward a more saturated vibrant palette, as seen in Valentino’s monochrome pink runway and Bottega’s electric lilac and bold, grass green handbags. This neon-centric theme started early spring, continued through the summer and has no plans of slowing down for fall/winter. Expect to incorporate bright and bold pieces into your fall wardrobe; re-wearing summer favorites like our neon green Kat Jeans will be easy, paired with a cotton button down and chunky lug soled boots instead of platform sandals and a seamless crop. Those light and bright colors of the summer take a slightly deeper turn, paired with black and brown, but stay bold through the season. Using crops from summer like our Carissa Top as layering over deep chocolate brown turtlenecks or sleek black sweater dresses will be a fun way to mix up last year’s cool weather favorites in a trendy, this-year way. 

Beyond the color changes expected, we’re also seeing more glam than ever before. The 90s club scene nostalgia has made its way to the runways and beyond, with sequins, rhinestones and metallics seen heavily on Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu and Burberry. Probably the most intimidating of the fall trends expected, glam will find its way into streetwear by balancing out casual ‘fits. Now is the time to experiment with glitzy finds like our Shine Bright Purse, subbing in the studded bag for your classic black go-to. The “clean girl aesthetic” isn’t going anywhere but it will get glam substitutions like sequin midi skirts, rhinestone crop tops like our Cherisa Tank, and glittery button downs in place of the linen and naturals that we saw through summer. (PS. stay tuned for more glam pieces in the coming weeks, we’re totally prepared for it). The shine and shimmer will get balanced out by Y2K basics like Prada’s wife-pleaser tank (it’s giving Fruit of the Loom) or baggy cargo style jeans as seen in Bottega’s F/W show. The unexpected combinations of glam and traditional grunge in one look will bring the rhinestones and crystals into daytime appropriate outfits that anyone can pull off. 

The biggest takeaway from this year’s fall/winter runways is that everyone is a rulebreaker. Getting creative, breaking from tradition and taking risks is all the rage. We’re definitely excited to get weird and wonderful with our fall selections, get ready for more bold colors, prints, glam and grunge. The crossover of so many micro-trends and era’s will make it easy to mix new pieces with your current wardrobe and really blend the up-and-coming styles into wearable outfits. So, how will you be defining your cold weather style? 

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