6 Swimsuit Styles and What to Pair Them With

With 4th of July right around the corner, now is the perfect opportunity to gear up with your besties and spend a lazy day at the beach. The days are getting hotter and the sunny days are perfect for taking selfies. We’re so ready to start rocking our favorite swimsuits so we thought we’d share our top 6 swimsuit styles and what to pair them with.


Swimsuit Styles

1. The One Piece Bathing Suit

What’s more classic than the one-piece bathing suit? They’re great if you like a little more coverage around your waist but offer the same result of other swimsuit styles. Babe, if you’re feeling flirty, go for a bathing suit with the sides cut out or a daring backless number. Remember Baywatch? There’s a reason why those female lifeguards wore one-piece suits. Not only are they super cute, but they provide functionality and comfort you just can’t get from a bikini.

What to Pair it with:

Imagine finding that white bathing suit with the sides cut out that fits the contours of your body perfectly. Add in a sun hat like our STRAW WEAVE RIBBON SUN HAT, a pair of our MIRRORED GRADIENT SUNGLASSES, and a lounge chair for the ultimate relaxation. You’ll be feeling like a Tahitian princess. All you need now is a handsome hunk to fan you with a giant palm leaf and your favorite summer drink to complete the look.

Gradient Mirrored Sunglasses

2. Off the Shoulder

Everyone loves an off the shoulder number, girl! The off the shoulder bikini is the one you wear when you want to show off your shoulders and take selfies to show off your best America’s Next Top Model pout. Pair that pout with our TROPICAL DECISION FLORAL BIKINI TOP for the ultimate beach babe look. 

What to Pair it with:

Here’s an added tip for our babes who love to show off just a little. Spray on a little body bronzer or shimmer oil on the points of your shoulders and collarbone to really shine. We love the Bath and Body Works at the Beach Air brush bronzer for a touch of glitter that also adds a slight tan. Looking to glow like Beyonce? Girl, you’ve got to try the Patrick Ta Major Glow Body Oil. Add in our BUTTERFLY PENDANT NECKLACE and you’ll be turning heads left and right no matter where you strut your stuff.

Off the shoulder bikini in mustard yellow

3. The Single Strap

Single strap bathing suits are a great alternative number for the cute and quirky beach babe. You’re the type of girl who likes to do things your own way and aren’t afraid to try out new trends. That’s why we love our single strap swimsuits! They’re fun to flaunt and still offer a bit of added support if you’re not ready to go full on strapless.

What to Pair it With:

Not only is it cute on the beach, but they’re the perfect summer staple for babes on the go. Cover up with a pair of high waisted pants or shorts like our NAOMI HIGH WAISTED SHORTS for an easy convertible outfit. From shopping on Main Street to lounging poolside, you’ll be ready when you add our WOVEN YOU LIKE TO KNOW SANDALS. Babe, grab all your favs in our shop and get ready for the summer of a lifetime!

Tan woven sandals for summer

4. The Strapless Swimsuit

Oh girl, we absolutely love what the summer does to our skin. We’re bronze, beautiful, and always have a slight glow. (Because beach babes don’t sweat, we sparkle!) That’s why we love our strapless tops! They’re free from those annoying tan lines you get from traditional swimsuits and easy to cover up with a loose tank. With styles like bandeau tops or our I SEA YOU STRAPLESS BIKINI TOP, there’s plenty of options to choose from. 

What to Pair it with:

Personally, we love to wear our strapless swimsuits under a Kimono with a layered necklace. It’s that boho chic vibe you get with our ISLAND IN THE SUN CROCHET CARDIGAN or our GONE AGAIN FLORAL KIMONO that’s the perfect lightweight cover up. You will be amazed how much more confident you feel when you’re sipping Mai Tai’s with your gal pals.

Black strapless bikini

5. The Halter Top

If you’d like a little more support, halter top swimsuits are a great option for you, babe! With so many designs to choose from, there’s a halter that’s sure to be your perfect match. Try a traditional halter for a confidence boosting look or a crochet halter for a quirky look and a little extra coverage. Looking to spruce it up? Grab your favorite halter with some fringe or frill an added touch that shows some personality.

What to pair it with:

We love to rock our halter top bikinis or swimsuits when we’re looking to get active. Whether we’re surfing, wake boarding, or diving in deep water, halter tops give us the support we need without the worry. That’s why we pair ours with the MONSTERA LEAF TOTE BAG. It’s the summer staple that lets you load up on all the essentials like your beach towel, reusable water bottle, and sunscreen to keep you from looking like a blistered tomato.

Golden Leaf Tote Bag

6. The Triangle Top

Triangle tops are the original sexy swimsuit top that never goes out of style! Available in all your favorite patterns and colors, these bikinis are iconic. This is the bikini you wear when you want to exude confidence and show off that beach bod you’ve been working hard for since New Year’s Day. With our MAYBE SUN DAY LEOPARD BIKINI, you’ll be ready to make a statement that screams sexy.

What to pair it with:

Yes girl! You are rocking that bikini on the beach and looking good doing it. But what do you do when you’re ready to grab lunch with your bestie? For an easy cover up that keeps you cool, try pairing it with a tunic like our SUMMER GLOW OFF THE SHOULDER TUNIC. It’ll give you just the right amount of cover up and keep you looking like the goddess you are.

 leopard print bikini

Girl, there’s no right or wrong swimsuit to wear this summer. Just remember a few tips:

  • Make sure to wear the right size. Too big can give you a saggy butt and too small is not only uncomfortable but can leave you poking out in all the wrong places.
  • Pick up a new suit each season, if not more. Depending on how often you’re wearing yours, you’ll want to grab a new one so you’re not stuck wearing that faded, worn out suit from 2005.
  • Wear what makes you confident! There are swimsuits of all styles and for all body types. No matter where you’re going this summer, wear the bikini or bathing suit that leaves you feeling confident. Because let’s face it, we want to spend our time having fun, now worrying about what we’re wearing. 

Did you love our list of swimsuits and what to pair them with? Our shop is filled with summer staples that you’ll love for any occasion. Check out our latest apparel for a little inspiration and your next favorite outfit. 




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