3 Ways To Wear a Satin Scarf

The possibilities of styling a simple scarf are endless, so here are 3 simple ways you can style our Satin Scarf!


Watch Megan wear our satin scarf in 3 ways! 

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1. As a top

Fold the satin scarf into a half diamond with pointed edge going downwards. Tie back two pieces together to make a comfortable fit.

2. As a belt loop accessory

Sometimes your outfit needs a pop of color and you don't have the right belt to finish the look. Tie your scarf in a tiny knot one one of the side belt loops leaving the two strands hanging by your side. This adds a little something to a simple look!

3. As a headscarf 

There's a few different ways you can achieve this look depending on hair length and style. If you have long hair like Megan (as seen below), you can bring forward about a half inch of hair starting at the front of your face. Place the rest of your hair behind your shoulders. Fold the scarf into a half diamond and continue folding with the desired width. Place the folded scarf behind your ears where you parted your hair and tie behind your neck in a small bow. Ta-da!


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