25 Fun Things To Do at Home

Hey babe! Have you been feeling a little down or mentally worn out due to COVID-19 and everything else going on? We get it, it feels like it’s been 5 years since we were able to go out to the grocery store without wearing a mask. In fact, just the other day, we went to grab some Clorox wipes only to find that they’re sold out of Target and all our other grocery stores. It’s BANANAS to say the least! Regardless of all this craziness, we’ve been feeling so blessed lately and focusing on manifesting our best life despite being stuck at home. If you want to learn how we’re doing it, keep reading our 25 fun things to do at home!

1. Online Shopping 

Okay, hear us out. There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING better than online shopping. Like Cher from Clueless, sometimes you need a little retail therapy when you’re feeling down. I mean, she totally had the biggest epiphany of her life after a big shopping haul! How else would she have figured out she was in love with Josh and decide to give back to her community? Babe, sometimes the best way to address your problems is to take a break by doing something you love and tackling it head on when you’ve got a clear mind (and a closet full of cute clothes).

2. Start a New Workout Regimen

We love to get our steps in while shopping for the latest trends but starting a new workout regimen is a great way to get yourself into a positive mindset. I mean, exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy, and happy people don’t let COVID-19 get them down. They just don’t.. Since the gyms are a little tough to get in these days, we recommend taking up some workouts that don’t require any equipment or workout buddies. If you love cardio, now’s the time to get out and start jogging along to your favorite podcast. Not your thing? Yoga is a great way to build a strong core and stretch out those muscles. Of course, there’s tons of options to choose from. If you’re in need of some inspo, check out Pinterest.com for more ideas!

3. Meditate/Pray

Sometimes the best way to calm your nerves is to be proactive. Starting your day with meditation or prayer can set you up for success. It helps you to create a sense of peace that carries you throughout the day and helps to discipline your mind so you’re ready to tackle any productivity issues. With apps like Calm, you can even choose the type of meditation to help no matter what you’re feeling. Bored? Check out one of their guided meditations with Matthew McConaughey or Harry Styles. Having trouble sleeping? Try their 7 Days of Sleep to lull you over the next week while you get your mind on track. Of course, if meditation is not your thing, simply expressing gratitude through prayer is another great way to start your day right. The great thing? You can do it at any time! It’s definitely something that helps us to feel good.

4. Bake Some Goodies

What is more fun than eating? Baking up something delicious that you can eat! Okay, maybe not, but we always have a great time whipping up one of Grandma’s cookie recipes or trying out something new like strawberry lemon blondies. And what’s up with all the sourdough recipes all of a sudden? Regardless of what you decide to bake, now’s the time to challenge yourself. Focus on mastering the ultimate chocolate chip cookie recipe or try out different recipes from your friends. Personally, we love our tried and true recipes to comfort us when we’re ready to Netflix and chill. Pick your faves and get baking girl!

5. Read a Book

We know, we know.. Not everyone likes to read. But there’s something about a good book that’s so fulfilling. Not to mention the feelings of accomplishment you feel when you’ve finally finished that last page. And nowadays, you can either read the hardcopy or listen to the audiobook so there’s no reason to not give it a try! One of our recents faves has been “Everything is Figureoutable” by Marie Forleo. If you’re looking for something that’s going to put you in the mindset of “I totally got this!” then this is the book for you, babe! There are so many types of books to choose from so if you think reading is not your thing, try out different genres and you’ll be sure to find one that keeps you reading from start to finish.

6. Rearrange Your Room

When you’ve been stuck at home for this long, sometimes your living space can feel a bit stale. Now we’re not telling you to go all Regina George and trade your parents for their master bedroom, but revamping your space can be the change you need. Move around your furniture, add in new wall décor, and brighten it up with some mini succulents. The process of feng shui can be such a fun and creative process that gives you a result that you’ll enjoy so much more.

7. Declutter Your Closet

While you feng shui your room, why not take some time to declutter? If you’ve been enjoying a little more retail therapy than ususal (hello NEW ARRIVALS!), go through your closet and drawers to clear out some of your older apparel. Do you really need that long sleeve top you only wore once 2 years ago? We’re not judging, girl. You can get rid of whatever doesn’t spark joy in your life.

8. Give Yourself a Makeover

OH-EM-GEE! If there’s one thing we love, it’s a good makeover. Like Cinderella getting ready for the ball, now is the time to go all Princess Diaries on yourself. Work on your tan, do your nails, shave your legs. Do whatever it is that’s going to make you feel like a new woman. Whatever you do, just don’t cut your bangs! We don’t need that guilt on our conscience. Our hairstylists may never forgive us! Instead, give yourself a facial, put on your favorite new outfit, and practice your strut for when you’re ready to reveal the new woman you’ve become.

9. Watch a New Series

One of the great things about being stuck at home is being able to check out all the latest series that everyone has been talking about. There’s so many to choose from! With Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix, there’s no way to miss out on everyone’s favorites. On Netflix alone, you can choose from reality based shows like “Love is Blind” and “Cheer”, fantasy shows like “The Last Kingdom”, or down home feel good shows like “Sweet Magnolias”. Of course, with Disney+, it’s also totally okay to rewatch all your favorite fairytales from your childhood. We may be guilty of singing along to “The Little Mermaid” a time or two.

10. Start a Blog or Vlog

Is there something you love to talk about that brings you joy? Why not start a blog or vlog to let others know? With free platforms like YouTube and Instagram, it’s so easy to get started. Pick a topic or niche that you’re passionate about. Make a list of different topics that you’d love to share your thoughts on. When you’re ready, write down your thoughts or film a quick video sharing your story! It’s a fun way to connect to others who have similar interests while giving yourself some creative release.

11. FaceTime with Your Loved Ones

One thing we can’t miss from week to week is taking time to Facetime our loved ones. Sure, you may have roommates or live with some of your family, but it’s always great to connect with other family members or friends you aren’t able to see. Just because they’re far away doesn’t mean you can’t have fun celebrating your dad’s birthday or enjoy catching up with your bestie. Bring more joy to your life by connecting to those who matter most, babe.

12. Start a New Challenge

Oh girl, when you’re stuck at home, boredom can reach new heights. Why not challenge yourself to do something amazing? There are thousands of challenges you can join that help with self-improvement, finding skills, or just challenge you to have fun! Remember the ice bucket challenge to raise awareness for ALS? It can be as easy as that! If you like something more long term, try a 21 day challenge that helps you build healthy habits or a 30 day photo challenge. Find what works for you and take on the opportunity to have fun and do something good for yourself.

13. Pick Up a New Hobby

There’s no doubt that you may have a lot more time on your hands these days, girl. Now is the time to take up that hobby that you’ve always been interested in but never really prioritized. Some of the hobbies we love are photography, painting watercolors, sewing, and practicing calligraphy. It can be anything you love or are interested in! Maybe you already have a hobby but have lost touch with it. Now’s the time to get started again and have some fun! Remember, Ally stopped painting in the Notebook when she was with Lad. But when she was reunited with Noah, she not only reignited her love for her favorite pastime, but with her soulmate too! Now we can’t promise that this new hobby will bring you your soulmate, but it will definitely bring joy to your soul.

14. Play a Board Game or Solve a Puzzle

There’s something beautiful about the nostalgia of playing board games or working on an old-fashioned puzzle. If you’re stuck at home with your roommates or family members, now’s the time to break out Monopoly or Candyland. It gives you a much needed break from social media, lets you bond with people you care about, and if you’re lucky, gives you a little ego boost from collecting all that Monopoly money. With Amazon on demand, you can order new games anytime and get it within days and have a little child like fun.

15. Play an Online Game

Okay, not everyone wants to deal with tiny metal pieces or keeping track of those pink and blue dollar bills. You can still play games with your tribe and dominate with games online. With apps like Yahtzee, you can play against friends near and far. And truth be told babe, it’s great for keeping yourself occupied with a brain boosting challenge.

16. Get Some Sun

We all know that being stuck inside can give you a huge dip in Vitamin D as well as other side effects. Don’t let being a newfound homebody get you down, girl! Get outside and get some sun! Take a towel to tan in the backyard, go for a walk in your neighborhood, or simply sit on the front porch and take in the fresh air. It’ll do your body good and make you feel great!

17. Paint, Color, or Draw

Have you felt an overwhelm of restlessness being inside all the time? It’s worse than the teenage angst of the Breakfast Club, right? Babe, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get artsy! Whether you like to paint, draw, or even color in one of those cute adult coloring books, it’s amazing what feelings of relief you can get. For us, it’s fun to look up inspo on Pinterest or Google and see what creative ways we can make it our own. And it gives you something cute to post up in your newly decorated room.

18. Learn a New Dance

If you’ve got moves, why not learn a new dance? Tik Tok is all the rage right now. Show off your skills by learning classics like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” or NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye”. Or have a little fun by recreating dance moves from your favorite KPop artist. And of course, you can never go wrong with Beyonce. We’ll be dancing along with you in spirit.

19. Sing Karaoke

Dancing not your thing? Maybe it’s time to bust out the karaoke and belt out your favorites. It’s the perfect time considering you don’t have to worry about a bar full of strangers or whether or not they’ll have your song. You don’t even have to be a good singer! There’s no one to judge when you’re singing at home and enjoying your homemade concert.

20. Start a Garden

With how things are going, one of this year’s biggest trends is starting a garden. If you’re a beginner, you can start by trying out a succulent garden. Interested in sprucing up your home? Try some indoor options like spider plants or lavender. For those who are feeling especially good about their green thumbs, starting an outdoor veggie garden is a must! We’re not asking you to go full blown Martha Stewart, but it’s incredibly satisfying to make a salad with the lettuce and tomatoes you grew yourself. Give it a try! We’re happy to taste test for you.

21. Look Through Old Photos

Times like these make us look back on old times and remember how good we had it. Looking through old photos and reminiscing gives us all the Flashback Friday feels. It’s so fun to look through childhood pics and have a good laugh about the Disney princess costume you wore for a month straight. Send your favorites to your loved ones and share on social media to let others enjoy them too.

22. Have a Water Fight or Nerf War

Let’s face it, babe. Sometimes there’s no amount of cleaning, board games, or hobbies that will get you out of that funk. Sometimes you’re just plain bored and need to do something a little different. That’s why we’re all about having a water gun fight or nerf war! If you have younger family members at home, this is a great way to incorporate the whole family into a fun filled afternoon this summer. So, gear up and get your game face on.

23. Try Out New Makeup Looks or Hairstyles

Since it’s harder to get into your local spa or hairstylist, one way to have fun at home is to practice new hair and makeup trends. If you’ve been loving cut creases but haven’t had the courage to try it out in public, why not give it shot while you’re hanging in your room? Always wanted to try that ethereal look with a fishtail braid? Girl, give it a try! Don’t worry about how it turns out. Just get creative and experiment!

24. Learn Something New

For some of us, the only way to keep going is to have a goal. We love having something to work towards and enjoy every minute of the process. Focusing on learning something new can be the thing that brightens you up from day to day. Try taking an online course to learn a new skill or download an app like Drops that lets you learn a new language for free. When it comes to learning, the limit does not exist.

25. Start Journaling

Last but not least, girl, keep a journal! It can be a journal of your day, a gratitude journal, or for those artsy babes, a bullet journal. Write about what matters to you. Doodle to your heart’s desire. Whatever way you choose, you’ll love the difference it can make when you write your thoughts down and express yourself.


In conclusion, there is a lot to do from home that can be more fun than you may have thought. The important thing right now is to keep a safe distance so you can take care of yourself. You can be home by yourself but you’ll never feel alone when you have these 25 fun things to do.

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