18 Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Stay inspired this Mother's Day with these 18 Gift Ideas for Mom!

Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or give the gift to a fellow mom this Mother’s Day, we’ve got you. It’s not easy being a mom. From sleepless nights with newborns to crazy forts in the living room with your soon to be pre-teens, motherhood is a whirlwind of emotions. That’s why we’ve come up with a simple guide to treating the queen of the household in your life.

1. Candles

There’s nothing that says R&R like a good candle. We recommend an aromatherapy candle for Mom’s who’ve been a little more stressed than usual. Let’s face it, juggling homeschooling, making every meal at home, and making sure that the whole family is keeping it together is a tough job. And that doesn’t even include the essential work that many moms are doing to keep things afloat. So find a candle in your mom’s favorite scent, draw her a bath, and give her a relaxing evening she deserves.

 2. Dainty Necklace

Not all moms are looking for string pearls and diamonds. For some, it’s all about daily reminders of her “why”. Our DAINTY LOVE NECKLACE is the perfect gift for the mom who wears her heart on her sleeve (or in this case, her neck). With available options in Hope and Faith, there’s sure to be a necklace with the right message for your mom.

Dainty gold chain necklace spelling Love


 3. Something Sentimental

For the mom that is always in the feels, try gifting her with something sentimental that money can’t buy. We recommend a photo album with all your favorite family moments that you can sit with her and reminisce. Or have loved ones share the things they love and appreciate about her and put it all together in a special video just for her. It’s sure to put a smile on her face.


 4. Purse

I don’t know about you girl, but we love a good purse! One to match our favorite shoes, one for everyday use, and one that’s light and easy to carry. Of course, every mom is different and has different needs for what she keeps in her purse. Our EVERYDAY CONNECTION BAG has a structured silhouette satchel that’s not too big and just right to carry all your necessities with space for more. With vegan leather, it’s the perfect purse for just about any mom.

Beige Satchel with cross body strap


 5. Spa Day

With things so up in the air, it can be hard on our moms to keep it together all the time. Treating her with a spa day is just the thing to show her all the love this Mother’s Day. Come on girl, there’s nothing better than hot towels and a good facial. Whether you choose to DIY it this year or get her a certificate that she can use at a later time, the mom your life deserves nothing but the best!


 6. Breakfast in Bed

The ultimate way to spoil your mom has got to be breakfast in bed! This classic is our go-to when we are without a doubt taking our Mother’s Day to the next level. Whip up some eggs and bacon or some vanilla, blueberry waffles with a delicious compote. No matter the breakfast, just be sure to top it all off with her favorite coffee for her to enjoy while she lounges in bed and spends her time relaxing.


 7. A Clean House

If you think breakfast in bed is helpful, then girl, a clean house is sure to make you her golden child! On top of all the other responsibilities that moms are in charge of, keeping a house clean is one of those priorities that she can’t ever seem to get done. Dusting, dishes, and loads of laundry can be daunting on a mom who doesn’t have help. Giving her the gift of a clean house would be one she’ll never forget.


8. A Coupon Book

I know, I know.. We’re chalk full of ideas. And for a babe who wants to do it all for her mom, it can be hard to narrow it down to just one or two of these ideas. That’s why we love a good coupon book. Add in all the gift ideas you have so the mom of your choice can redeem them throughout the year. There are many companies that will print and deliver coupon books for you but we’re all about a good handmade coupon book. There’s something nostalgic about a construction paper booklet covered in glitter that just screams Mother’s Day.


9. Gift Card with a Handwritten Card

There’s always that mom that loves to do her own shopping. Can you blame her? After Dad bought her the same thing two years in a row, we think she’s better off picking her own gifts. But don’t think that a GIFT CARD can’t be special! Grabbing a gift card from her favorite place to shop (cough cough Shellsea cough cough) not only shows her you care but that you also listen to her. Make it even more special by gifting it in a handwritten card letting her know just how special she is to you. 

Assortment of crop tops, white jeans, white flats, and beige hat


10. A Bottle of Wine or Gift Set for Their Favorite Cocktail

Oh girl, it is not easy being a mom. Every mom has a different way to reach her ultimate relaxation and a nice glass of her favorite spirit can definitely get her in the spirit to celebrate. In times like these, we recommend ordering a nice bottle from her favorite winery or giving her a gift set with all she needs for her favorite cocktail. You’ll be cheering this Mother’s Day away for sure!

 11. Flowers or a Potted Plant

For a lovely and lively treat for Mother’s Day, gift your mom with her favorite bouquet of flowers. Roses, tulips, lilies or whatever it may be, these are a classic gift that will make her feel special. And for moms who have a green thumb, a nice potted plant like an orchid or a succulent container is a great alternative. They last longer and can remind her year-round of the special day you made for her.


 12. A Robe, Pajamas, and Slippers

Remember that scene in Grease where the girls are enjoying their sleepover and having a ball? Well your mom might still have the same PJ’s from the first time she watched that movie. Girl, get her some silk pajamas, comfy slippers, and a cute kimono she can use as a robe like our SPRING IN MY STEP KIMONO for a sweet, feminine vibe. Or for the moms with a cute and quirky side, you can never go wrong with a unicorn onesie. I mean, am I right?

White Kimono with floral pattern for spring or summer


 13. Her Favorite Sweet Treats

Is your mom a chocolate lover? Does she prefer cake or cookies? Or maybe she’s all about little confections from your local candy shop. Whatever her preference, gifting her with her favorite treats is the perfect way to sweeten up this Mother’s Day.


 14. Perfume or Makeup

In this day and age, there are tons of beauty products out there. Gifting your mom with a big bottle her favorite perfume is a no fail option to keep her feeling lovely. If that’s not enough, add in a shade or two of her go-to lip products and a new eyeshadow palette. She’ll be leaving the house looking good and feeling fine!


 15. A Night Out with Her Girlfriends

I don’t care how old a mom gets, she loves a night out with her favorite gal pals. Like Carrie Bradshaw or Taylor Switft, a good group of girlfriends can get you through all the tough times in life. With things finally opening back up, it’s the perfect time to get her a sitter and let her have some fun. Shop our NEW ARRIVALS for something cute that she can wear on her night out.

Soft Pink long sleeve dress with sandals and earrings


 16. Something Fun for Her

Speaking of getting out and having fun, there’s nothing better than taking a class that resonates with what you love. Gift your mom with yoga class to stretch out and get some much needed relief. Or find a great cooking class where she can learn to make pasta and a quick Bolognese that'll have her leaving there feeling like a Master Chef. Whatever you choose, find something fun that lets her be free to unwind.

 17. Cookbooks

For a young mom, it can be tough to live up to Grandma’s standards. I mean, homemade rolls from scratch every holiday? And Sunday night dinner for the whole family each week? How does any one woman accomplish all that these days? Luckily for us, in the age of pinterest, it’s easy to find recipes that make our weeknight a breeze. But there’s something like a good cookbook with tried and true recipes that we absolutely love. So pick her up “Magnolia Table” by Joanna Gaines or “Cravings” by Chrissy Tiegen for a go-to that helps her get going.


 18. A Customized Gift

Babe, there is a trend out there that is definitely not going anywhere and that’s the customized gift! But instead of getting her monogram on just any old tumbler, make it truly special with something that will resonate over time. One of our current faves are serving platters with old family recipes on them. Maybe Great Grandma’s pot roast recipe that’s been handed down for generations or the holiday cookies she baked with her mom each year. Now, if recipes aren’t quite her thing, try using one of her favorite quotes. If she’s a coffee addict, put it on a cute mug. Or have it added to a blanket that she can use to snuggle up with the little ones. She’ll definitely appreciate the sentiment and feel the love.


Everyone has their favorite way to celebrate Mother’s Day. We all want to make our mom feel special for everything she does to make our lives better. Why not spoil her with something a little extra this year? Whether it’s your mom, a step mom, or even a friend who’s a mom, with this list, you’ll be sure to find something that will make her feel loved and appreciated. And while you’re at it, maybe pick up a little something for you too.

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